18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas

Austin Kink Weekend
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More than a dozen talks about kinks, leather, gear, butts, toys, art, BDSM, social media and more.

Master J Tebias Perry

Our 2024 keynote speaker is Master J Tebias Perry, author of the newly release book “Leather Mentorship”.

Butt Stuff

Doctor Carlton will discuss douching, diet, PrEP, PEP, DoxyPEP, anatomy and techniques for Butt Stuff.

On Guard Salon Live

On Guard, is a a salon where a group of experienced Leather Men sit around smoking cigars while reflecting on the way it used to be, and the new issues affecting the BDSM queer community today.

IML Mock Interview Panel

Join Ralph Bruneau, Bolt, Master J. Tebias Perry, and Alan Dudley at the host hotel on Saturday morning to get insight into what it takes to be judged in front of the entire world!


AWK is a party atmosphere, we invite you to several performances and parties. On the menu, live music, audiovisual performances, DJ sets and glitter!

Nina Flowers

The theme of the main event will be “Twisted Gear, An Apocalyptical Affair” by DJ Nina Flowers !

Vicky Kuba

We’re thrilled to announce that the Vicky Kuba will be spinning the beats !


The Gear Market is the place where you will discover the unique and innovative projects of talented Queer and international entrepreneurs.

The Little Gay Shop

Our shop gives members of the LGBTQIA+ community a platform to showcase their work and receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.


Your freak friendly, pleasure positive, sexual health and wellness center. Free PrEP, HIV treatment, and Hep C treatment.

Watts the Safeword

We are an all inclusive LGBTQ+ sex education and BDSM lifestyle media channel run by Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer. 


A vibrant group of men and women in the Leather Community who are well-known for their skill and expertise at the care of leather, both their own and that of their clients.