18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas

Jax (He/Him) is a leatherman, kinkster, and sexual health professional based in Austin, Texas. He is an active owner, handler, and trainer in the pet play community who enjoys teaching obedience classes and mentoring new pups and handlers. In 2021, Jax founded Tuff Pup Gear, Austin’s first pup gear and apparel brand. As an activist and educator, Jax spearheaded numerous nonprofit efforts focused on queer health. Jax founded Austin PrEP Access Project (now KIND Clinic) in 2014 and ASHwell Clinic in 2018. He is a former board chair of the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition. Jax currently serves as Director of Clinical Services at ASHwell. His mission is to eliminate sexual health stigma and foster a well-informed, pleasure-positive community.

Picture of Austin Kink Weekend
Austin Kink Weekend

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out!

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