18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas


Texas Leather Judges

Wil Wever

Meet your head judge Wil Wever

Wil Wever lives in Austin, Texas and is a Leatherman, therapeutic and erotic masseur, activist, and promoter of STI and HIV testing and prevention.

He started his leather journey in the Eagle NYC 21 years ago and has done events and Gogo danced there over the years.

Master Liquid Rulz

Meet one of your Texas Leather Judges @liquidandleather
Master Liquid Rulz (She/They/Them/That Bitch) is a Black, Queer, Femme Presenting, Social Worker, Presenter, and BDSM/Kink Educator, who has been a fixture in the Leather/BDSM community for over 25yrs. Liquid is the Co-Founder and CPO of BLX Alternative, VP of Seattle Pacific Northwest Onyx Pearls, the Northeast Advocate for NCSF, and member of LSM.

Marcus Barela

Meet your 3rd judge for the Texas Leather contest, Marcus Barela.

Marcus emerged onto the IML stage as Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2023, showcasing not only his title but a remarkable journey rooted in a 17-year tenure as an Eagle LA employee.

Pusckatt Pumera ONYX

Meet your 4th Texas Leather Judge, Pusckatt Pumera ONYX (he, him, his),

Mr. International Rubber 26, is a dynamic and inspiring figure who hails from Florida. He embarked on his transformative journey into the Shiny Rubber Community in 2019, and since then, he has been a beacon of positive influence and change.

Chris Gonzalez

Meet your 5th Judge Chris Gonzales! Christopher Gonzalez is the 1st Runner Up at IML 45, Mr GNI Leather 2022 and the former World Cub 2019/2020. A kinky nudist leather boy from Atlanta, GA he is an associate member of Command MC and Kentucky Bourbon Bears. He found the leather community while attending North American Bear and World Bear Weekend and attributes his introduction to leather with ONYX Midwest and Great Lakes.

Laurel Li

Meet your next Texas Leather Judge, @laurel.li.142 Laurel Li (she/they/gir) is a queer, polyamorous, leather-person living in DFW. Yes, the neo-pronoun is GIR, because they’re mostly a girl – but not quite. Gir entered the DFW leather scene in 2014 at the Dallas Eagle and dove in headfirst, volunteering at numerous events for the last decade with a habit of asking “How can I help?” – much to the chagrin of their Daddy, Ursus.

Loyd Powell

Meet your 7th and final judge, Daddy Loyd Powell. Daddy Loyd is Mr. Prime Choice Texas 2019. When COVID took over the world in 2020, he decided to turn his efforts toward his home city of Houston, Texas. He is currently in his second term as president of National Leather Association–Houston and is proud of the diverse membership that the local chapter supports.

Texas Pup & Handler Judges

Alpha Onyx

Meet your first judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler Contest: Alpha Onyx

Jamal Herrera-O’Malley, known by Alpha Pup Savage, and Aloha ONYX holds various positions within the San Francisco fetish Community. He is the SF Eagle Leather Pup 2024, Co-Alpha, and Executive Board member of Service Pups of San Francisco. Alpha Savage is also a brother of ONYXNW, a member of the house of Rose and Kush.


Introducing your 2nd Judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler titles: haifisch

haifisch- (she/her), World Pet 2023, is a Cincinnati-based submissive critter. she has been active in the scene since 2017 and loves to soak up knowledge offered by others while giving back to the community. Glitter, bodily fluids, and buttstuff are just a few of her favorite things.

Chris Mastic

Next, we have the honor of introducing your 3rd judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler Contest: Chris Mastic

Before becoming IPTC International Trainer 2023, Handler Chris was known throughout Florida as one of the Founders and Admins of NCF-PAH, Florida Puppy Handler 2022, and for building bridges within the Florida Kink Community. You can usually find Handler Chris with his partners and pups Puppy Stolas and Pup Nallen

Daddy Nick

It’s our pleasure to announce your next judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler contest: Daddy Nick

Daddy Nick the Gender Fluid Ginger Handler of the Midwest. Inaugural North Star Handler and inaugural Midwest Handler. Here to give scritches, pets, treats, and affirmation to all pets and humans with consent.

Pup Deko

It’s a great privilege for the Austin Kink Weekend Team to welcome our next judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler Contest: Pup Deko

Pup Deko is an Omnisexual, Trans, LeatherPup from small town Kaufman, Texas, and holds the title of South Central Pet 2023. He began His ever-evolving journey in Kink in 2018, and dove into Leather and Pet Play in 2021, in the city of Dallas.

Pup Rebel

The #akw2024 team is proud to announce our final judge for the 2024 Texas Pup and Handler Contest: Pup Rebel

Pup Rebel hails from Oklahoma City where he works in rural EMS. Rebel is a board member for Paws and Claws-OK and the owner and executive producer of Kink Weekend OKC. Rebel has been part of the pet community since 2018 and a member of the leather community since 2006. Rebel is a Left leaning switch. Rebel has a piece of advice for the contestants: Be true to yourself and let your personality shine through and have fun.