18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas

Meet one of your judges! @kapreseandre
Kaprese, a multi disciplined artist identifies as a Gear boy and Pup. He is a lover of all things gear from Leather suits to Jeweled Denim or even nothing at all. He Flags Hunter Green Right – Navy, Yellow & Beige Center. His favorite pieces of gear are his Jocks. A social butterfly and avid volunteer Kaprese believes in service as a pillar to true Leather boyhood. Kaprese is Founder of many QPOC oriented organizations in Texas. During 2019-2021 he and his sash spouse (Eli) raised funds to ensure safety, health and wellness for QTBIPOC in Texas. He is a firm believer that our differences make us beneficial to one another, and we should learn to embrace those things to “live and let live.” See y’all in April!

Picture of Austin Kink Weekend
Austin Kink Weekend

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out!

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