18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas

Pup Kieran Hound (she/they/he), LA Pup 2022, is a Doberman guard-doggo with a big bork for equity activism and a soft belly for community service scritches. With 10 years in the fetish scene and 4 years as a pup, they are genderqueer, bisexual, primal and a switchy impact player with a heart for service, education and practicing joy in our kink community.


They believe that pack knows no borders and that we are stronger and healthier together as pups, pets and fetish family across the spectrum of identity. They thoroughly enjoy a good rough-and-tussle in a mosh pit, warm nuzzling encouragement with kink family near and far, educating on consent, anti-racism, and sharing resources in our community.


Like the high-energy breed they are, they need things to do or they’ll tear up the furniture. In that vein, they’ve served as a mentor to pups, pets and fetish folk in LA and beyond, judge for the LA Pup 2023 contest, judge’s pup for the Mr. Bear LA contest, emotional support pup for the Mr. LA Leather Contest, BDSM 101 educator, impact performer at DomCon LA, crafter of multimedia storytelling about pet play, and creator/producer/host of LA DOGUE, a Pet Play Fashion show.


You can often find them at Bullet Bar LA and Eagle LA, sniffing leather boots and lifting their leg on consenting parties. Above all else, they’re a chaotic balance of pure canine elegance and pure doggo dorkiness. Their motto: pup play is a joy practice! Woof!

Picture of Austin Kink Weekend
Austin Kink Weekend

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out!

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