18th-21st April 2024 / Austin, Texas

Meet Randy Surratt, one of your judges for Mr. & Ms. Texas Leather,

Randy is the co-owner/creator of Sir Rat Leather and Gear.  Born and raised in Texas, he serves as a Council member of Austin Gears and has also helped develop and create The FoundryATX.


Randy is also a strong advocate for our community as well.  Throughout the years, he has helped raise funds for location organizations and events such as the Hill Country Ride for AIDS and Ashwell Clinic.  Randy believes in putting our dollars back into our community and has supported and led several fundraising events.


While Randy is not a title holder, he is one of the leading designers of leather gear in the state of Texas.  He has an eye for how leather fits on a person’s body and knows exactly the right pieces to make someone stand out in a crowd.  Many former and current title holders rely on him and his company for title holder vests, sashes, Sam Browns, and even formal leather which will be on display during Austin Kink Weekend.


So if you are competing, watch out! He will be checking how your present your leather!


On a personal note, Randy likes to get to know you before he opens up and invites you in. This trait gives Randy the unique opportunity to watch what’s going on and pick up on the subtle details of a situation.

Picture of Austin Kink Weekend
Austin Kink Weekend

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out!

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